North Macedonia

North Macedonia is a small, underrated, and under-explored country in the Balkan Peninsula, Europe. Rich in Ottoman and Roman heritage and breathtaking natural sights, this country is a blend of the past and the brand new.

Why Should You Visit Macedonia?
church of st john macedonia travel
Church of St. John the Theologian at Kaneo, Ohrid | Lukas Bischoff / Shutterstock
North Macedonia has so much to offer. It’s rich in shimmering lakes, picturesque valleys, untouched mountain massifs, national parks, traditional village cottages, and other spectacular natural beauties that make it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

It’s an old country with a rich history and around 1,000 churches and monasteries. Experts believe the foundation of three Macedonian monasteries include parts of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. It’s the home country of Mother Theresa and Alexander the Great.

Perhaps the simplest but the most satisfying thing about North Macedonia is the delicious cuisine, including traditional, mouth-watering dishes served in local traditional restaurants called kafanas. For tourists, the cost of living in Macedonia is very inexpensive, so enjoying quality food at an astoundingly low price is not uncommon.

Manners and Customs That You Should Be Aware Of
Youngsters in Macedonia show respect to the old. Female friends tend to kiss on the cheek when meeting and leaving, while male friends shake hands. Friends are very close to one another, so normal physical contact is common.

A guest entering a home is supposed to remove their shoes, and someone entering a room shakes hands with each person that’s already there. Hosts tend to offer a cup of Turkish coffee, some meze, and rakija to their guests.

Avoid talking about politics, recent historical past, and ethnic differences.


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