Montenegro is a pretty easy country to travel in.

There is an extensive bus network to shuttle you to the farthest corners of the country, you can finally forego the mind-bending currency conversions because, hoorah, they use the Euro, and the countrymen are incredibly friendly welcoming you to guesthouse and hostel with a beaming smile and, more often than not, a tot of grandma’s homemade rakija.

Some things to know before you visit Montenegro.

    Montenegro is basically a country of mountains and valleys which makes for some seriously spectacular scenery – some of the best we have seen in Europe.

When travelling long-term its easy to fall into a pattern where sure, things are beautiful, but often, it feels like you’ve seen it all before. A kind of impressive mountain, an underwhelming trickle of a waterfall or a sought of deep valley.

Unlike most countries in Europe, Montenegro is all about the outdoors rather than the cities – with the exception of Kotor which should not be missed.

If you are hiring a car know that locals have a slightly looser interpretation of the road rules than you may find in other parts of Europe.

    In most parts of the world smoking seems to be a dying trend, as much because of the health risks as because it has become so darn right inconvenient these days. You have to leave the cosy bar to stand out in the cold and rain or walk hundreds of metres to ensure you are not within breathing distance of a cafe, bus stop or school, and rightly so.

Those smoke infused cafes with blackened ceilings and forever full ashtrays that we now associate with decades past are the norm in this part of the world.

    Alongside rivers, atop mountains, next to lakes and in country fields, camping is allowed almost anywhere in Montenegro.

If you want to get way off the beaten path and enjoy the wilderness on your own, pack a tent for your trip. There are freshwater springs in most places but be prepared for some chilly nights in the mountains.

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