Russia is a year-round destination and you should plan your visit based on the types of activities you wish to enjoy.

The most popular time of year to visit Russia’s major cities of Moscow and St Petersburg is in the summer months of June, July and August. This also means crowds but the weather is great, with lots of sunshine.

Should season (April, May, September and October) may be a better choice if you want to avoid the crowds but still make the most of the warm and sunny weather.

To enjoy the Baltic Sea beaches, you will need to brave the crowds and visit from June to August to get the best water temperatures.

If you are wanting participate in winter sports such as skiing, then you will want to visit from November to March when it is cold and there are frequent snow falls in the mountains.

Getting There
Russia is well-connected by air with flights arriving in cities like Moscow and St Petersburg and other cities from all across Europe and the UK, Asia and parts of the US and Middle East. A flight from London to Moscow will take around three hours 45 minutes and a flight from New York to Moscow about nine hours.

Getting to Russia from surrounding European and Asian countries is also possible by bus or train. You can find out more about rail travel in Europe, including purchasing tickets, on the Rail Europe website; and about bus travel on the Eurolines website.

Tourist Places in Russia

1.Lake Baikal
Lying in the south-eastern Siberian region of Russia, the picturesque Lake Baikal is one of the most adrenaline-fueled places to visit in Russia. This water body makes for the largest freshwater lake in the entire world. Dating back to over 25 million years and being about 1,700 meters deep, this lake is considered to be the world’s oldest as well as the deepest lake.

Encompassed by scenic beauty, lush green expanses, and magnificent snow-covered mountains, this lake is home to umpteen varieties of fauna and flora. You can enjoy fascinating wildlife tours and hiking experiences around Lake Baikal.

2. Altay
Altay happens to be one of the ethnic tourist places in Russia, where people visit to experience the traditional Russian culture. The fascinating terrain of this republic is surrounded by the majestic Altai Mountains and packed with thousands of serene lakes and lush green alpine meadows.

A major part of the republic of Altay makes for protected areas with biodiverse reserves created to house umpteen varieties of wildlife species, including argali mountain sheep and snow leopards. Other attractions of Atlay include the pictorial Lake Teletskoye and the 4,506 meters high Mt. Belukha.

3. The Russian Tundra
The Russian Tundra makes up for around one-tenth of the total territory of the country of Russia. Spread across a thin coastal belt and featuring a maximum width of around 500 kilometers, the Tundra is a marshy treeless plain.

The soil of the Tundra region carries surplus moisture due to the low temperatures, which is the reason why this place does not experience a continuous and proportionate vegetation cover. The Russian Tundra features mostly bare grounds with some areas covered with lichens and mosses. Brimming with a rich wildlife population, the Tundra region lets you spot, reindeer, Arctic foxes, snowy owls, musk oxen, ptarmigan, lemmings, and beavers.

Location: Eastern Siberian region, northeastern Russia

4. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
If you are heading to experience the rugged beauty and alluring scenery of Kamchatsky, you will need to spend a few minutes in the capital of the peninsula, Petropavlovsk. Set beautifully on Avacha Bay and encompassed by towering snow-clad mountains and overlooked by gigantic volcanoes, Petropavlovsk offers a truly scenic sight to soak in.

The seafront of Petropavlovsk is lined with stunning historical buildings, which makes the town one of the common favorite places to visit in Russia among the history lovers. The locals of Petropavlovsk and Kamchatsky are also as welcoming as the astounding volcanoes that invite you for a short hike, helicopter tour, or drive.

Location: Kamchatka Krai, Russia

5. Sochi
One of the best places to visit in Russia in summers, the quaint and modern Russian city of Sochi is set on the Black Sea and is known popularly as a postcard-perfect summer beach resort. The city has gained a lot of international popularity after hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Sochi is famous for its lush, palm-fringed parks and architecturally stunning 20th-century neoclassical buildings like the very popular Winter Theatre. Another attraction of Sochi city is the breathtaking Forested Sochi National Park, which is a protected area, spread across an area of around 1,937 square kilometers in the Caucasus Mountains.

6. Kizhi Island
Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the picturesque Kizhi is one of the off-center places to visit in Russia. Located amidst Lake Onega, the island expands to approximately 6 kilometers in length. The island is home to stunning wooden architectural marvels and flaunts brilliant traditional crafts.

This island also shelters the country’s oldest wooden church, the Church of the Resurrection, which dates back to the 14th century. Other important attractions on Kizhi Island include the Pogost of Our Savior and the 18th century Church of the Transfiguration, which features a total of 22 onion domes

7. Kazan
Kazan City is situated at the confluence of two rivers in Russia, namely Kazanka and Volga. This flamboyant city offers the perfect amalgamation of the cultures of Russia and Tatar. Kazan is also home to a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kazan Kremlin and it is one of the famous tourist places in Russia.

The city also shelters one of the largest mosques in Europe, the Qolärif Mosque. The longest river of Europe, Volga, which is around 3,700 kilometers in length also runs through the city and offers a mesmerizing sight to soak in. Kazan is also one of the best places in Russia for relishing authentic Tartar cuisine.

Location: Republic of Tatarstan, Southwest Russia

8. The Golden Ring
Russia’s Golden Ring is a well-known tourist route, which came into existence in the 1960s. This route passes through many medieval Russian cities, lying on the north-eastern side of Moscow. The Golden Ring consists of a total of 8 primary cities together with some subordinate cities situated in Moscow, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, and Kostroma.

The primary attractions offered by the cities lying on The Golden Ring include ancient buildings, well-preserved monasteries, magnificent churches, and several other UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

9. National Park Curonian Spit
Natively known as Kurši? Nerijos Nacionalinis Parkas, the very popular National park Curonian Spit was declared as a national park back in 1991. The national park is spread across the Baltic Sea and trails to the Russian territory of Kaliningrad from Lithuania and it is one of the best tourist places in Russia.

The National park Curonian Spit features dense pine forests, packed with wild boar, elk, and deer. Lying far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this national park lets you lose yourself to gorgeous sand dunes and cool breeze filled with aromatic pine scents.

10. Limpopo Zoo
Limpopo Zoo is not only one of the best zoos in the country but is also one of the top family-friendly tourist places in Russia for enjoying a fun day out. This breathtaking zoo is home to umpteen varieties of reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals.

You can spot indigenous animals including leopards and Amur tigers and exotic species like apes, stingrays, and kangaroos. The zoo also has nice rides and play areas for the recreation of children visiting this place. There are also some cafes here that serve global food and drinks.

Location: Ulitsa Yaroshenko, 7?, Nizhnij Novgorod, Nizhegorodskaya oblast’, Russia, 603035

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM, Closed on Monday

11. Lighthouse Egersheld
Established back in 1876, the Lighthouse Egersheld is counted among the oldest lighthouses in Russia. It has been serving as the primary landmark for seamen entering the Vladivostok port for more than a hundred years now. The Lighthouse Egersheld was constructed for ensuring safe passage of ships to the Vladivostok port via Eastern Bosphorus Strait from Amur Bay.

This 12 meters tall lighthouse is named after and dedicated to captain second rank Gustav Egersheld. The Egersheld Lighthouse along with its beach is one of the most-loved places to visit in Russia during the summer season.

Location: Vladivostok, Russia

12. Olkhon Island
Spread across a huge area of whopping 730 square kilometers and measuring 71.5 kilometers in length and 20.8 kilometers in breadth, the Olkhon Island happens to be the largest island on Lake Baikal and the third-largest lake island in the whole world.

This island makes for the Academician Ridge’s southwestern margin. Olkhon Island forms a scenic place for nature lovers to unwind and soak in the breathtaking panoramic lake views. The eastern shore of the island is lined by steep mountains, with Mt. Zhima being the highest peak, perched at an elevation of around 2,684 feet above Lake Baikal’s water level.

Location: Lake Baikal, Eastern Siberia, Russia

13. Kamchatka
Lying in the northeastern region of Russia and encompassed by the Pacific Ocean, the Okhotsk Sea and the Beringovo Sea, Kamchatka is a picturesque peninsula. This gorgeous peninsula is known popularly for its scenic views and majestic volcanoes.

The Kamchatka Volcanoes have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the famous volcanoes of the peninsula include Kronotsky, Klyuchevskaya, Koryaksky, Avachinsky, and Ichinskaya. The Kamchatka peninsula is also home to many beautiful rivers, including Avacha, Shumnaya, Kamchatka, and Malinskaya Bystraya.

Location: Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

14. Ruskeala
Ruskeala is a small rural town in Russia, which is known popularly for its relaxing atmosphere, bewildering views, peaceful surroundings, and the famous Ruskeala Mountain Park. Ruskeala Mountain Park is famous as the source of marble that has been used for building many iconic landmarks of the country, including St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Hermitage’s window sills, and the Kazan Cathedral’s floors and it is one of the best tourist places in Russia.

This park also lets visitors soak in the views of breathtaking walking trails and the ancient marble quarry, which now brims with water.

Location: Sortavala, Republic of Karelia, Russia

15. Kenozersky National Park
Located around 550 miles away from Moscow city, the Kenozersky National Park is home to small quaint villages, rugged hills, ancient wooden chapels, and serene lakes. This national park is encompassed by breathtaking taiga forest and huge wetlands that add to its charm.

The Kenozersky National Park was declared as a UNESCO biosphere reserve back in 2004. The best way to explore the beauty of this national park is to head on a boat excursion.

Location: Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, 164294

Entry fees: RUB 100 per head

16. Russian Arctic National Park
The Russian Arctic National Park offers the perfect amalgamation of fresh breeze, cold weather, and vast isolated expanses. This national park is home to bountiful Arctic wildlife, majestic glaciers, and dramatic landscapes. The park also shelters a number of endemic wildlife species, including Bowhead Whales.

One can also spot ivory gulls, kittiwakes, guillemots, and walruses in the Russian Arctic National Park. The national park also shelters intriguing sandstone balls, petrified trees, and mystical hardened lava, all of which make it an open-air geology and geomorphology museum.

17. Red Square
The most popular and famous square in Russia, the Red Square is one of the best tourist places in Russia & is home to a myriad of important landmarks of the capital city, Moscow. This lively square shelters the Kremlin, the State History Museum, St. Basil’s Cathedral, GUM, and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

The Red Square serves as the main square of the city with all the important streets radiating from here. The square comes to life in the evening when the area is lit vividly with colorful lights and a number of events taking place. During Christmas, you can enjoy ice-skating, attend Christmas workshops, and relish various sweets at Red Square.

18. St. Basil’s Cathedral
Flaunting the most artistic architectural design, St. Basil’s Cathedral is a treat for the eyes. Also referred to as “The Cathedral of Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat” or “Pokrovsky Cathedral” it is a renowned Russian building.

Oozing out the typical medieval vibe along with mystical spirituality, St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the best places to visit in Russia for religious seekers, peace seekers, and architecture lovers.

Location: Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 109012

Entry fees: RUB 500 to 1,000 per head


  • From 1st May to 31st May – 11 AM to 6 PM, Closed on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • From 1st June to 31st August – 10 AM to 6 PM, Closed on 11th June and 8th August.
  • From 1st September to 7th November – 11 AM to 6 PM.

19. The Moscow Kremlin
The centre of the political power of Russia, the Moscow Kremlin is one of the most important landmarks of the whole country. It is from this place that the communist dictators, modern-day presidents, and autocratic tsars have exercised their rules for the good or bad of the country.

Perched on Borovitsky Hill, the Kremlin is surrounded by 2.25 kilometers high walls and one can get the best views of this place from Sofiyskaya nab.

Location: Moscow, Russia, 103132

Entry fees: 1.000 rubles per head for adults, Free for children under 16 years

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

  1. Bolshoi Theatre
    Considered to be one of the finest places to visit in Russia, Bolshoi Theatre happens to be the oldest theatre in Moscow city. The theatre looks architecturally appealing both on the inside and outside and shelters resident ballet and opera troupes that are termed to be the best in the entire world.

Flaunting a gorgeous six-tier auditorium and a flamboyant atmosphere, Bolshoi is one of the most entertaining places in Russia.

Location: Theatre Square, 1, Moscow, Russia, 125009

Entry fees: RUB 300 to RUB 20,000 per head

Timings: 12 PM to 7 PM

and much more places…

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